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Why Join BPW of Greater Moncton?

Become A MemberMembership in BPW of Greater Moncton offers a plethora of opportunities and benefits to working women. Our advocacy work gives women a chance to be involved in the key issues that affect women in Canada and around the world. Clubs provide a “training ground” for developing leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment, allowing members to build networks and create lasting friendships.

Members participate in a range of activities that lead to personal and professional development and career advancement.

Supportive Networking & Lasting Friendships

  • A chance to network with business and professional women at club meetings and events, provincial conferences, national conventions and international congresses.
  • Sharing, mentoring and learning from a diverse membership.
  • Moncton BPW members become not only useful business contacts but also good friends!

Women’s Issues — Advocacy and Awareness

  • Access to current information on issues affecting women.
  • Shaping, lobbying and influencing the world around us through resolutions, letters and briefs to government at all levels of the organization.


  • Discounted monthly meeting rate
    • 10 meetings/year x discount of $20 = total savings of $200/year
  • Discounted Phenomenal Woman Award ticket price
    • Regular Price $60 – Discounted Rate $50 = A total savings of $10/ticket
  • The opportunity to bring 1 guest per year at the member rate
    • A total savings of $20
    • Exclusive discounts and offers from a variety of local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive opportunity to join a BPW Board of Directors locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Exclusive opportunity to join a BPW Committee locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Networking with the opportunity to build lasting friendships and business contacts
  • A “training ground” for developing leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Community involvement
  • Awareness, advocacy, and action on women’s issues both locally and abroad

Standing Committees

Programs & Projects: This committee is responsible for the planning of our monthly meetings and other events throughout the year by securing guest speakers, sponsors, and logistics, etc.

Marketing & Communications: This committee is in charge of executing and managing the Club’s website, social media channels, and the overall content and consistent branding of communication internally and externally.

Mentorship & Personal Development: This committee coordinates the Club’s mentorship program and personal development programs. They promote the importance of the education of women; especially in regard to self-development and leadership training.

Advocacy & Women’s Issues: This committee works with local organizations to highlight the work being done to address various women’s issues. They also coordinate with BPW Canada & BPW International to keep our members informed on the issues being tackled both locally and around the globe. This committee encourages our members and community to get involved and advocate for issues that are important to the Club.

Bursary & Fundraising: This committee is responsible for the selection of our bursary and employability grant recipients. Each year Business & Professional Women of Greater Moncton awards bursaries and grants from three different categories. Due to the annual success of the Phenomenal Woman Award, we have been able to award over $40,000 in bursaries and grants since 2013.

Phenomenal Woman Award: This is an ad-hoc committee that is responsible for the planning of our largest annual fundraiser – The Phenomenal Woman Award. This committee is responsible for securing the keynote speaker, event sponsors, venue, logistics, etc.

Membership: This committee is in charge of recruitment and marketing of the Club. Meetings are held to plan and execute strategies to promote the Club and bring in more members.

Young BPW: This committee promotes the participation of young members (under 35) of the Club, seeks to increase the number of young members, and determines the needs the young members. They communicate with the YBPW Chairs of the Provincial, National, and International Boards.

Budget & Finance: This committee presents financial statements to the Board prior to the end of the fiscal year; proposes an annual budget to be discussed and approved by the Board and makes recommendations on the budget to the Board.

Public Affairs, Resolutions, and By-laws: This committee prepares local, provincial, and national resolutions, following the proper procedures and processes, as well as the revision of the Club’s bylaws.

Full Year Membership


Annual Membership Fees

An annual membership fee of $125 applies to all new and renewing members. This fee covers the club’s national and international dues.

For members who are retired or who are students enrolled in a full time program (60% +) at a post-secondary educational institute, the annual membership fee is $90 per year.

Note: Annual Membership Fees are due on the anniversary of your registration date.