Our Global Impact

Business & Professional Women of Greater Moncton is part of a global organization that is committed to improving the status of woman in all sectors of society; especially in business, the professions and industry. We’ve been here in Moncton since 1947.

Our mandate is to improve the economic, political, employment and social conditions of women. We are a non-sectarian, non-profit and non-partisan organization. We welcome all women from all walks of life as well as the allies who advocate on behalf of women and celebrate their incredible contributions.

We recognize the achievements of women in the Greater Moncton area through our annual event – The Phenomenal Woman Award. This event is our largest fundraiser of the year, helping us to raise money for our Bursary & Grant Program as well as to cover our operating costs. Since 2013, we have awarded over $40,000 in bursaries & grants to women in our community.

Our Board of Directors is elected by our membership, every 2 years, at our AGM. It is entirely volunteer based – no one gets paid to be involved. We run on passion and a genuine desire to help women at home and abroad!

We enjoy partnering with like-minded organizations committed to inclusivity and moving the needle to close the gender gap. Both BPW Canada and BPW International hold Consultative Status with the United Nations. This gives us a voice in helping to improve the lives of women around the world.

On a monthly basis we hold get-togethers where we recognize and celebrate thought leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds. It is a golden opportunity to learn from those in our community who are carving their own path, to participate in the discussion, and to make valuable connections with women from the Greater Moncton area.

If you are someone who values building relationships, are interested in growing your community connections, and enjoys learning from others, we’d love to have you as a member!

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President’s Message

Welcome and congratulations on becoming a member of Business & Professional Women of Greater Moncton. We are thrilled to have you join our club!

As a member, we hope that you will become actively involved with the club and that you take time to enjoy the fun and laughter along with a great many skills that you will learn with us.

I am very proud and honored to have been a member of BPW Greater Moncton since 2014. I am even more excited to have the opportunity to serve as the President of our club as we celebrate our 2021 – 2023 membership years. Our club is growing and we are also striving to increase the diversity in our membership to better represent and impact the Greater Moncton community. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions or recommendations on how we can achieve this goal.

Be sure to join our exclusive “members-only” Facebook group so that you can easily connect with the other club members:

My theme for the next 2 years is “Support Your Local Girl Gang”. Supporting your local girl gang means loving the women you live amongst and letting their passion fuel your own purpose. It means letting other shining stars spark you to contribute in ways you could not have if you tried to do it all on your own. Together we can help women use their voices and “take up space”.

Thank you for contributing your time and magic to our mission. I look forward to working with you this year.
All the best,

Amanda Devison, President 2021 – 2023

Our Board

Amanda Devison
President 2021 – 2023

Transplanted Cape Bretoner. Recovering perfectionist and aspiring good-enough-ist. An avid reader and information junkie. Hobby photographer and baker. A proud cat mom whose second favorite F word is Friday.

Lover of purple, animals, candles, crystals, and red wine. This Scorpio is 5’1 on a tall day and should not be left unattended whenever there’s Nutella around.

Ashley Robichaud
1st VP

Proud toddler girl mom.  Happy married. Unsolved crime podcast junkie. Coffee addict and local brew enthusiast. Injury prone fitness fanatic.  Lover of bouldering, all things summer, politics, puzzles and good wine. (Formerly) habitual apologizer.

When I’m not busy chasing my girl or working my day job, you will find me at the at the gym, walking my gorgeous pup Elise, chilling with the girls, or watching yet another cooking competition.  Passionate about moving women in our communities forward and building a better tomorrow for my daughter (and the rest of the next generation!)

Angela Godin
2nd VP

Born in Edmonton Alberta but raised in Moncton and never left. People-pleasing perfectionist who’s just now starting to learn the word “no” and trying to stick to it which is easier said than done.

Mom of 2 kids and a fur baby who’s often surprised they’re still alive given that she can’t keep any type of plants alive including cacti.

Enjoys cooking for her people, especially when paired with her favorite W’s – wine & whiskey.

Determined to get into a shape other than round but given how much she loves food so jumped into jujitsu and karate despite having 2 left feet and prone to self-injury.

Kim Eagles
Past President

A Monctonian through and through. Peacemaker and dreamer who wants us all to get along. Her mission is life is to calm the chaos and unclutter the world. Thrives on learning, teaching and cleaning up a mess.

Wife, mom, grandma and the friend who’s always ready to host. Forest bather, climber of trees who basks in the healing powers of mother nature and maybe a wee dram of Scotch.

Alicia Shaban

Born and raised in Riverview, this “born on Friday the 13th ”, Ginger Gen-Xer is a true extrovert & always has a smile on her face. On her motorcycle or in the Vette, she’s always buzzing around town. Passionate in all she does and believes in….the list is long!

Chocolate & wine are the fave food groups. Shoes, Art & Music are close to her heart.

Surrounded by all males, including her new puppy Ozzy (also a Ginger), she manages her time between family, and girlfriends and traveling ( except 2020/21).

Heather McDonald
Membership Secretary

Simplifier of the complex who loves people until she remembers she’s an introvert. Wants to you be as successful as you possibly can, and believes in you more than you know.

Obsessive reader, constant goal setter, many cups of tea drinker who brings her spiritual side to everything she does (but not in that annoying way.) Let’s all live our best lives now so we can tell the best stories later!

Annick Dugay

Lover of memes, music, and Netflix.  This Acadian also likes to bake, play golf and go hiking. She is a proud cat mom of two, enjoys drinking tea, and should be watched around candy and sweets.

A joyful go-getter with a big heart, she’s always ready to cheer you up with her witty humor or by sending you just the right GIF for the situation.  You can usually find her breaking a sweat in a spinning session, crushing numbers in the finance field, or at home chilling with her feline babies.