Young BPW of Greater Moncton

Young Business Professional Woman

Young Business Professional Women (YBPW) often face different challenges than those who have more work and life experience. That is why, in 1985, BPW International established a training and self-development program for working women aged 35 and under.

If you are a woman, under the age of 35, and join us in an our organization you can expect the following benefits and opportunities.

Here are some of the things we do at YBPW:

  • Networking
  • Share information
  • Build friendships
  • Offer to participate in workshops
  • Swap books (or book titles) of interest
  • Help each other improve in a safe environment
  • Campaign to improve the lives of young women worldwide
  • Participate in projects with other international organizations
  • Training (mentorship, leadership, networking, communication and self development)

As a member of BPW of Greater Moncton, you are automatically a YBPW if you are 35 years old or younger. No additional membership fees are required.

What are you waiting for! Join Us Today or email our for more information!