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Manon was born and raised in Kapuskasing, a small town in Northern Ontario. In 2009, she joined a major financial institution in Montreal, and has since worked in the financial services industry. Currently, she is an Account Manager at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

Manon holds a Bachelor of Arts (Concentration in Management) from Laurentian University and is currently an MBA Candidate at the University of Moncton. Enrolling in this program is what brought her to the Maritimes, a place she now calls home.

In her free time, Manon enjoys painting and do-it-yourself projects, attending arts and culture events, and exploring new destinations. She also loves volunteering and spending time with her little sister, whom she met through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Moncton program.

Manon Aubin

Manon Aubin

Manon Aubin

BPW of Greater Moncton