Young women often face different challenges than those who have more work and life experience. That is why, in 1985, BPW International established a training and self-development program for working women aged 35 and under.

Here are some of the things we do at YBPW:

  • Network
  • Share information
  • Offer and participate in workshops  
  • Training (mentorship, leadership, networking, communication and self development)
  • Campaign to improve the lives of young women worldwide
  • Participate in projects with other international organizations
  • Swap books (or book titles) of interest
  • Help each other improve in a safe environment
  • Build friendships

As a member of BPW, you are automatically a YBPW if you are 35 years old or younger. No additional membership fees are required.

To obtain more information on Moncton’s Young BPW Committee, contact Amy Lynn Patterson, YBPW Vice-President.