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Cheryl MacDonald is a business advisor with Grant Thornton, LLP. Cheryl joined the firm in 2011 after the completion of her Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from the University of New Brunswick. She received her CA designation in January of 2015 and is now a Manager of the US Tax Service Line.

Cheryl developed her strong work ethic and the desire to be successful at a very young age.

Growing up she valued hard work and admired those around her striving for success. Cheryl’s hard work, determination and passion are evident to those who work with her.

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As a new mom, she puts a huge emphasis on work-life balance. She believes in being the best mother and spouse her family deserves while continuing to pursue her many career aspirations.

Cheryl is the Treasurer for Business and Professional Woman (BPW) of Greater Moncton and is actively involved in planning many of their activities and meetings.

By surrounding herself with strong, positive and empowering woman from the community, she has become a strong leader and a mentor to others.

Cheryl MacDonald

BPW of Greater Moncton

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